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  • Beaujolais Nouveau – Wine New Year feast
Mme Isabelle Dumont
Ambassador of France to Ukraine
'Tonight we all open a new season of Beaujolais Nouveau. The French like this feast and look forward to it for the whole year. Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived! Happy New Wine Year!' Mme Ambassador greeted the guests.
Beaujolais Nouveau – Wine New Year feast
Overnight into 17 November, company Mainstream organised a celebration of the new wine year at Le Silpo gourmet market. All guests and mass media representatives jointly with their friends and partners felt the real atmosphere of Beaujolais Nouveau young wine festival.
Guests present immersed themselves in the atmosphere of French Burgundy, became a part of traditional rolling out of barrels with young wine to the shouts “Le Beaujolais est arrive!” (“Beaujolais has arrived!”) and enjoyed the wonderful taste of young wine.
The guest of honour of the evening was Grégoire Hoppenot, CEO of Maison Trenel – a small family merchant company in the south of Burgundy. He told about the traditional method of wine fermentation used at Maison Trenel for production of Beaujolais Nouveau. Grégoire Hoppenot noted he was very glad to popularise traditions and festivals of France in Ukraine, jointly with the exclusive partner represented by Le Silpo.
A pleasant surprise for guests of the evening was the visit of Ambassador of France to Ukraine Mme Isabelle Dumont. 
At midnight sharp, guests with cheers “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” (“Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived!”) greeted the New Wine Year and uncorked the first bottle of Maison Trenel Beaujolais Nouveau 2016.