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  • PRESSZVANIE holds the conference “Best Media Practices”
Andrey Vasilev
'Influence of a journalist is shaped through satisfaction of people’s demand for quality information'
PRESSZVANIE holds the conference “Best Media Practices”

On November, Ukrainian media community had a chance to attend “Best Media Practices” – the first all-Ukrainian conference under the auspices of journalist contest PRESSzvanie. Twelve reputable journalists, editors and media managers shared their experience, knowledge and success stories of how they managed to become influential as professionals.

The speakers, most of whom were practicing journalists, shared about how their stories changed destinies of individuals, including politicians as well as ordinary citizens. Well-known media managers recollected how they started new projects, what challenges and difficulties they had to face and how they overcame them.

“The demand for thoughtful reading and culture of text has dropped significantly. Nobody reads serious texts anymore. Nobody “likes” or “shares” serious posts on Facebook. We have a totally scandalous journalism. I am strongly against texts, built around scandals. I support competition of outstanding texts. Every journalist should think about the quality of the material, and only then – about its influence,” Gleb Prostakov, editor-in-chief of “Reporter” in 2014-2015.

The special guest of the conference was Andrey Vasilev, chief-editor of Kommersant publishing house in 1999-2011, editor-in-chief of Kommersant Ukraine in 2005-2006, producer of “Citizen Poet” project ", holder of a prize “For Contribution to Journalism Development” from PRESSZVANIE Contest.

Contest PRESSZVANIE in its 11th season planned a series of events for journalists and business representatives. Follow the news on the Contest website and on its Facebook page.

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