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Svetlana Sverchkova
Svetlana Sverchkova
managing director
'Most our projects are implemented not in Ukraine but in the European states, consequently, the rating may valuate the agency competencies only partially. It is a pity that organizers wrote nothing about valuation methodology and experts who conducted it. I think this information would be useful to the market players as well'
Mainstream keeps leading positions in PR
The Ukrainian Institute of Analysis and Management of Policy (UIAMP) carried out the expert survey and published the rating, discussing the PR-agencies of Ukraine in the segments of business and policy. According to the survey results, Mainstream Communication & Consulting keeps leading positions confidently.
10 companies from the 2014 billing rating were chosen for the survey. During the survey, 50 thought leaders in the area of political and business PR, as well as media experts shared their opinions. Respondents were proposed to evaluate on a 1-10 scale the agencies under review from the standpoint of awareness on key competences. Surveying was conducted in three aspects: valuation of competences balance in pairs “Policy” — “Business”, “Strategy” — “Tactics”, and in separate functional directions.
Our agency ranks second in the rating. According to the rating authors, “the agency possesses competences, which other market operators do not possess.” Besides, Mainstream Communication & Consulting was singled out as the most innovative, efficient, professional and collaborative agency. As to the niche activities, in the Event segment and Media Relations segment, the agency received the highest appraises.