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  • The new Scottish whisky brand was launched in Ukraine
Rob Allanson
global brand ambassador
'I genuinely believe that Grant's presents the best product portfolio in the Scottish whisky industry – it was a pleasure to meet likeminded people at the event. Grant's 8 is a special product and its launch required such warm ambient just like we had'
The new Scottish whisky brand was launched in Ukraine
The new eight-year-old Scottish whisky Grant’s 8 was launched in Ukraine at the official presentation in BEEF Meat & Wine restaurant in Kyiv. The global Grant's brand ambassador Rob Allanson was a special guest at the event – he introduced the new whisky and asked to join the blind testing of the new release. After that, an award ceremony took place where the winner of the contest: To Scotland with Grant’s 8, which had started a month before the event, was awarded with the package trip to Grant's birthplace.
The new Grant's 8 whisky had its official launch in Ukraine in BEEF Meat & Wine restaurant on October 15. Grant’s 8 is the eight-year-old blended whisky crafted by the oldest family-run distillery in Scotland and it promises to be the favourite among the Grant’s devotees. 
The special guest, Grant’s global brand ambassador Rob Allanson, told about the advantages of the drink, explained how to taste all flavours and shared other secrets and trends in whisky drinking. During the degustation session guests were offered the best Grant's releases, including Grant's Ale Cask (matured in the ale barrels), Grant's Sherry Cask (matured in the Xeres barrels) and, surely, Grant's 8. Connoisseurs who named the releases blindfold received vouchers for 2 author’s cocktails with Grant's 8, mixed by the BEEF head bartender Ella Mikhailenko. 
Within the event, guests had a chance to see the award ceremony of the contest To Scotland with Grant’s 8. Facebook and Instagram participants of the contest had to take photos of objects and things that visually formed number 8 and post them with the hashtag #G8ua. More than 300 nonstandard interpretations were collected in one month, 15 of them were shortlisted and presented at the award ceremony. The brand ambassador Rob Allanson picked one winner by random draw – shining Maria Geppa, who got the main prize – trip to Scotland. 
More than 50 guests, including cooking expert Sergey Kalinin, TV showman Vyacheslav Solomko, food bloggers and restaurateurs, tested the flavour of the new drink.
The main prize – trip to Scotland will demonstrate to the winner the country of noble landscapes, spirit of freedom and eminent whisky products of William Grant & Sons. From now on, eights that catch the eye, same as Grant’s 8 whisky, can be considered as a real good luck charm.
Journalist, biker, photographer, cyclist and musician, Rob Allanson is a man of many achievements, but it’s his passion for whisky and his editorship of Whisky Magazine, for which he is best known. He joined Grant’s after the eight-year tenure as editor, where he also made his name in competition judging panels and whisky master classes the world over. Rob will take Grant’s on tour, using his expertise and enthusiasm to ignite passion for the award-winning Scotch with whisky fans around the world.
Grant's 8
Grant's 8

is a new product of the oldest distillery in Scotland William Grant&Sons. Blended 8-year-old whisky deserves higher attention – owing to the prolonged by 5 years maturing the drink is saturated with a special, soft flavour. Grant's 8 is enriched with a scent of green apple, spicy vanilla and fine smoke notes. Warm malty finish delivers a taste of sweet and spicy wooden notes.