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  • Press-tour to Dufftown, Scotland
Yevgeniya Golovina
Yevgeniya Golovina
project manager
'Press-tours for us is more then just taking the journalists to some location and them what the client does. It’s about engaging them into the culture, background, making them fall in love with the brand'
Press-tour to Dufftown, Scotland
Mainstream Communication & Consulting has help a press-tour to the distilleries of the elite alcohol producer William Grant & Sons, situated in Dufftown, Scotland.
The press-tour participants were seven journalists, marketing directors and and option leaders from five countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia).
During their trip the journalists had an opportunity to engage with such brands as Glenfiddich and The Balvenie, explore the distilleries, engage into the process of making whisky, and take part in the tastings of rare releases of the mentioned brands.
«The outstanding management of the press-tour has immediately reduced the amount of work a journalist would usually have to do. The rich program allowed me not only to get acquainted with all the details of the whisky making process, but also to participate in the process myself. An opportunity to take part in many tastings, to learn more about the Grant’s family, to try myself in the role of the malt master made me realize that Glenfiddich and The Balvenie are not just great luxury products, but it is the philosophy of taste, mystery, family values», said Eugen Banstevich, The Guide magazine marketing director, Belarus.
As a part of the program the international team also visited one of the most romantic castles in Scotland that has been lived in continuously by its original family, the Macpherson-Grants for at least 4 centuries.
Visiting a whisky museum and the bar-crawling in Edinburgh, the heart of Scotland, have made it a triumphal ending of the press-tour.