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Svitlana Spivakova
initiator of the roundtable discussion, CEO at FitCurves
'Many thanks to everyone from Mainstream agency for the input you’ve made. Thank you for your help in the event preparation and organization. Without this help, we would not be able to make it on such professional level as it was. We are thankful for your creative and competent approach in the organization, and for the unity in teamwork with us. It should be also mentioned that the round table was very authoritative and we are happy that we bring positive changes to the society together with Mainstream'
Roundtable 'Healthy nation – stronger Ukraine'

On the World Health Day, April 7, 2015, Mainstream took part in organization of the roundtable discussion on results of the all-Ukrainian research within the «Healthy nation — stronger Ukraine» project, in the Premier Palace Hotel in Kyiv. The round table was held under the auspice of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (MOH) and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Ukraine.

Experts, officials and Ministers were made aware of results of the all-Ukrainian research on the nation health condition as well as information about cooperation possibilities between business, NGOs, government and individuals in order to secure quality reforms and maintain people of Ukraine in good health.

The round table consisted of two main panels. Participants of the discussion were:

  • Alexander Kvitashvili, Minister of MOH;
  • Ighor Zhdanov, Minister of Sport and Youth Policy of Ukraine;
  • Mykola Kuleba, Presidential Envoy for the children’s right in Ukraine;
  • Olga Bogomolets, Head of VRU Committee for health care;
  • Dorit Nizan Kaluski, WHO Representative and Head of Country Office in Ukraine;
  • Jürgen Schreiber, researcher at Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing;
  • Pavlo Unguryan, member of parliament, Head of Inter-Fractional Working Group «For the spiritual, moral and health values of Ukraine».
As the result of the roundtable discussion, all participants, including Ministers and key opinion leaders, signed the resolution on joint actions in health protection and partnership between profile ministries, business entities, social and charity foundations.