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  • Communication support to Nuspay Int. in California
Communication support to Nuspay Int. in California
In the beginning of April 2015, Nuspay presented its unique payment solution “Virtual Account” at Transact 15 exhibition in San Francisco. This solution provides multilevel coding of information about financial transactions of clients, protecting them from practically all existing kinds of frauds with online payments.
Mainstream’s task was to introduce correctly the new player of global payment industry – Nuspay International Incorporated and its product to mass media representatives. Besides, it was important to get coverage in profile publications and on Internet portals.
The task might seem easy at first glance: to write a release and to send it out to journalists – what can be easier? BUT:
  • Firstly, the company was absolute unknown to American audience.
  • Secondly, the market of payment solutions is very narrow and rather skeptical towards new promises of financial security on the web.
  • Thirdly, there were only some ten days from commencement of works on the task till official launch at the exhibition – not enough to establish relations with target journalists of financial and web industry of the Silicon Valley. 
Nevertheless, due to joint efforts with the client we managed to incite interest of target mass media and to provide worthy coverage on platforms that were of priority for the client, including twits from editors of US profile publications.