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Margo Gontar
'Technical facilities – from programs that define use of graph editors in images to use of ordinary search engine – can be of help when separating truth from disinformation. However, in case of more sophisticated examples of untrue news pieces one should keep eyes open, paying attention to numerous components: 'How the heading is written?', 'Who comments on the occasion?', 'What do eyewitnesses say?', 'Are there emotions in material feed?', 'Is there a special terminology, which may scare away readers or viewers?', and many other aspects. But the main thing is to treat skeptically any information that surrounds us today. And to ask yourself at once, who stands to profit from it'
Master class on facts checking for journalists

Margo Gontar, co-founder of StopFake project, and Sevgil Musaieva-Borovyk, editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda online version, shared their experience in struggling against untrue information and facts checking methods in journalism.

Sevgil Musaieva-Borovyk paid special attention to facts checking in investigative journalism. “Investigative journalism has significant influence and incites fear of those, whose schemes will be made public and whose stories will be revealed eventually”, she said.

More than 20 representatives of mass media and business attended the master class. During the hands-on part, participants created false pieces of news and learned to detect imperfect figures, groundless conclusions and other disinformation on their own.



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