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The market of communication services and outlook for 2015

MMR launches a Happy New Marketing Year project on the eve of the New Year to inspire colleagues with positive professional impulses for 2015. During the project specialists in media and communications will be sharing what they believe to be the key conclusions and lessons of 2014, best-remembered cases and trends that will be important in the new 2015 year.

Svetlana Sverchkova, managing director of Mainstream Communication & Consulting, on changes in the market of communication services and outlook for 2015:

It goes without saying that 2014 was not an easy year. Perhaps, each one of us, regardless of the sphere we work in, and communications specialists are no exception, has heard the shootings in the East of our country echoing in our hearts and minds.

Despite the decline in the communication services market, shift in priorities and difficulty of tasks, the work processes became a little less complicated. The issues that used to required complex solutions have now moved to the sphere of simplified constructions. However, the main challenge now is to discuss integral approaches with clients and explain the necessity of strategic planning to them.

The general trend that can be witnessed now is that clients have tamed their appetites and became more demanding about results. Strategic communications for those, who had them worked out and functioning, have now moved to the sphere of tactical solutions. One’s ability to deliver on targets within a few hours or maximum by the end of the day has topped the ratings of demands. Meanwhile, strict control of deadlines, efficiency and accuracy of tasks implementation became more important than the costs of the jobs done. That in its turn stimulates specialists to be more effective and always keep track of the changes in the market.

In light of the recent Russian-Ukrainian events we’ve started receiving more and more business offers from abroad, i.e. from some Western companies suggesting that Ukrainian agencies become their hubs for work in the CIS. In particular, we have been hired by a client to oversee the work of offices in Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Looking back at the past year, the brightest and perhaps the most notable event for our company was launching a TV-channel in Poltava from scratch and on an extremely tight schedule. The task was quite a challenge — from visualization to personnel selection, studio re-equipment and viewing grid. Good contacts with editors of TV-channels, as well as openness and professionalism of the client was a great help. Our effective teamwork resulted in a successfully launched TV-channel, and the client’s satisfaction with a product that has a clear prospect of achieving breakeven.

We won’t talk much about the work this winter. Just like many other companies, we could not stay away from the events in the country — we volunteered, helped journalists, did our best to help Maidan in many ways, cooperated with the European Commission on communicating information from Ukraine in real time and vice verse — spreading the information within our country on each Ukraine-related update from the European Parliament.

Apparently, the next year won’t be any less difficult. Many companies will «lose weight», the competition inside the market will intensify and we will witness capitals and brains migrating to the allied industries. However, services like lobbying and international communications in Europe (in EU parliament in particular) and the US will remain highly demanded. Our company has been successfully servicing our clients in all these areas for the last three years, which has enriched our portfolio with interesting cases, and the same we wish to our colleagues.