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  • Roman Maltsev spoke at the FOR SURE PR MARATHON
Roman Maltsev
Roman Maltsev
Acting Client Service Director
'Today the significance of regional media is underestimated. On one hand everybody went digital, ignoring the work with regions, which is weird considering the level of trust towards the local newspapers and low internet coverage in the regions. On the other hand many companies don’t even have functioning press-offices and press-sectaries are being viewed as spammers who send out the greeting cards on professional holidays. As a result — low awareness in the cities where the companies are based, low quality content and low uncontrolled reputation of a company. All of these factors affect the company’s operations management'.
Roman Maltsev spoke at the FOR SURE PR MARATHON

Frankly, FOR SURE PR MARATHON was the first business event that took place in the post-revolution period. At the marathon 14 local and international shared their experience with 150 participants. Roman Maltsev was one of the speakers, and he shared the experience of how to work with regional media in B2B communications.

Also, Roman talked about 5 TO’s and NOT TO’s of for sure successful communication in regions referring to the example of the Mainstream author’s project "PRESSzvanie, the business circles award".