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Ruslan Shibaev
Ruslan Shibaev
co-owner of 'BEEF meat & wine' restaurant restaurateur
'The increasing number of people in our country begin thinking on how they live, how they look, what they eat. This is logical that some of the restaurant visitors want to see diet foods on their tables – useful and tasty. So we’ve created a special menu for the followers of healthy lifestyle and Dukan’s Diet in particular. Guests of BEEF meat & wine will be the first to try it and certainly to communicate with the guru of healthy nutrition – Pierre Dukan.'
Presentation of new menu in 'BEEF meat & wine' restaurant

On 16 October 2013, at 19.00, 'BEEF meat & wine' restaurant hosted a presentation of a new diet menu based on Dr Pierre Dukan’s healthy nutrition system. Pierre Dukan – the most famous French nutritionist with millions of followers around the world – personally attended the event.

BEEF meat & wine is the first restaurant in Ukraine that created a similar menu. TM Nordic – the only company in Ukraine that produces high quality oat brans, the integral part of the diet – acted as a partner of the presentation. The chef of the restaurant Oleg Starun has developed every dish according to Dukan’s methodology, without compromising the level of high cuisine.

During the presentation of the new diet menu, guests of the restaurant had a unique opportunity to personally approach the famous nutritionist with their question. How to eat and maintain their weight, how to stabilise the diet results — Pierre Dukan has revealed all the details of his system.

'I am glad that now Kyiv has an institution where everyone willing to eat healthy will receive such opportunity. After all, the quality of food we consume influences directly the quality of our life. Today health is a number one value. Some people call it a fashion for healthy nutrition. Personally, I do hope that it won’t be fugacious and will turn into a new ‘classics’, including in Ukraine,' said restaurateur Dmitry Zakhodyakin, co-owner of 'BEEF meat & wine' restaurant.