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  • Mainstream has launched Regional School of Journalism
Alexander Tolkach
Alexander Tolkach
Public Relations Director, DTEK
'We realize the importance of regional media, as a source of information about the environment, to our employees and their families. On one hand people are eager to believe anything they see in good-old newspapers and TV channels, but due to the inaccuracy and contradiction of the information presented to the reality, this trust can be lost. The audience gradually raises the bar of their requirements to the quality and the depth of the materials — and it is a good tendency. That’s why it is the authors of the texts are now facing the challenge to change the working standards, and bring more analysis and detail-orientation into the preparation and presentation of the articles. I believe that we all are interested that people receive the accurate information from media rather than emotions only. And without it we will never be able to build up an honest dialog and trust between the community, business and government, that allow us to make a change in our life and economy of the country.'
Mainstream has launched Regional School of Journalism

Mainstream Communication&Consulting has launched The First Regional School of Journalism PRESSzvanie. The project’s goal is to raise the quality of the regional media by prompting various educational campaigns.

Within the project, a master-class has taken place on the 6th of November in Lugansk. The master-class was conducted by Andrew Ukhimenko, the first deputy editor in chief, head of "Kommersant Ukraine" newspaper business block. 47 local journalists took part in the event.

"Speaking of analytics, people usually imply the huge articles full of numbers and heavy remarks of the experts. We didn’t speak of how to analyze surrounding events. To notice the important things and be able to describe them in simplicity — is the main basic skill of a journalist. And I am glad that the participants of the master-class agree with me on the essence of our occupation", says Andrew Ukhimenko.

In Lugansk region, PRESSzvanie school of journalism is supported by DTEK company and LRO NUJU (Lugansk Regional Organization National Union of Journalism Ukraine)