New PR book

New book on PR "Public Relations. Scientific Fundamentals, Methodology, Practice" came out today. Authors of the textbook are Valentyn Korolko and Oksana Nekrasova. This is the fourth edition in this series, which was published at popular request of Russian colleagues in the updated Russian-language version.

The new book in 868 pages covers fundamentals of Public Relations in view of the modern theory, local and foreign experience. The authors raise the topic of PR essence, provide an advanced understanding of management in PR, illustrate usage of PR technologies in various sectors, as well as tell about the features of art of communication and public speaking.

"This edition of the textbook is a desire to compile new ideas about the field and the social institution of public relations in the transient phase of development of post-Soviet, including the Ukrainian society. The main idea of the book is until all subjects, involved in public activities in one or another way, become proficient in positive achievements of PR science and practice, advancement of new independent states to the civil society and their gradual entry into the civilized world community remains questionable," says Valentyn Korolko.

The public relations textbook was published with support of Mainstream Communication & Consulting.

"This book will be a good addition to the library of PR specialists of the CIS countries as it contains all basic aspects of the profession. It can be truly considered the encyclopedia of PR professionals," commented Svetlana Sverchkova, managing director of the Mainstream Communication & Consulting.

The book is of particular interest to all those who are working or planning to work in public relations area. The book will be distributed on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. Circulation is 1000 copies. The textbook can be purchased at