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Natalya Zhilinkova
Natalya Zhilinkova
project manager
'Raising the investment attractiveness of the city, as an element of place branding strategy, is a very responsible and challenging task. In creation of the booklet we have considered our working experience with international clients as the potential primary audience, as well as we had explored the best practices in this area. We hope that the developed product will help Kiev to achieve the final result — increasing of its investment attractiveness.'
An investment booklet for Kiev

Mainstream Communication & Consulting won the bid of the Kyiv City State Administration for developing an investment brochure for Kiev city.

As part of the bid Mainstream’s task was to develop the investment booklet. The process included collecting of the material, its analytical processing, preparation of texts and infographics, development of corporate style for the brand "Invest in Kyiv", creating information booklet’s design, and preparation of related corporate products in unified "Invest in Kyiv" style.

The purpose of this booklet is to increase Kiev’s investment attractiveness for potential foreign investors. The booklet contains information on the basic economic, demographic, and geographic characteristics of Kiev, development strategy for the city, and a description of the main investment projects such as BIONIC HILL and construction of a new metro line. Information materials are prepared in three languages — English, Ukrainian, and Russian. Presentation kit will be used by members of the executive body of the Kiev city administration during national and international investment-related events.