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  • Soundscape of INTERPIPE STEEL
Dmitry Kisilevskiy
Head of corporate affairs department at INTERPIPE
'We are very happy with such a creative approach of Mainstream to the campaign and their understanding of our objectives. We hope to create even more projects like that in the future together with them'

As most of you may already know, INTERPIPE STEEL mill has been recently opened in Dnipropetrovsk city. INTERPIPE STEEL is the latest high-tech, environmentally friendly metallurgical plant, which territory accommodates several art objects created by contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson. A challenging task was put before Mainstream`s team — promotion of the plant among young people and the general public using unconventional PR instruments.

Considering peculiarities of the plant — innovation, presence of the art objects, young age of the employees, we choose an appeal to the modern trends in the youth music culture as such an instrument. We invited to collaboration a bright representative of modern music culture in Ukraine — famous Ukrainian composer, sound producer and performer The Maneken.

The founder and ideologist of The Maneken Eugene Filatov recorded sounds and industrial noise at the mill and used it as an acoustic backing for his brand new track «Pulse of Interpipe» — a blending of dubstep and trance music genres.

Presentation of the industrial track took place on International Students’ Day Eve at the Dnipropetrovsk night club «TimeOut». Artist played on the «instrument of the future» — i.m. Table (interactive media table) and pleased his fans with autographs.

«This is a very interesting case of modern dance culture and the latest industrial technology synthesis; there is a lot of space for experiments with sound. We liked the idea of recording on the mill, and in our opinion, the result is excellent»- comments Eugene Filatov.