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Corporate communications in metal industry

On November 13-16, the team of Mainstream Communication & Consulting attended the 18th International Industrial Exhibition «Metal-Expo 2012», which took place in Moscow.

Since a part of the Agency clients are leaders of the steel market of Ukraine, attendance of this exhibition appeared to be a natural decision. Firstly, the exhibition impressed with its scales — 733 companies from 34 countries of the world represented their expositions in two pavilions of the All-Russia Exhibition Center. Ukrainian companies, some of which are Mainstream clients, were presented very strikingly.

But the overall objective of this visit to Moscow was the conference held as a part of «Metal-Expo 2012» on corporate communications in metal industry and allied branches of the industry, as well as final results of the 10th anniversary competition «Best Corporate Mass-media in metallurgical industry of Russia and the CIS — 2012».

The conference was notable for delivered reports and the list of participants. «Creation of Metinvest Group corporate mass-media system» report by Nina Gasparyan, editor of internal communications department of Metinvest Holding LLC, was of particular interest. Today Metinvest publishes 12 internal corporate newspapers, as well as e-bulletin covering the week’s events, magazine for outer audiences and electronic edition of sales department. Weekly, all editorial employees produce altogether nearly 1000 materials! Corporate mass media are managed in line with the elaborated development strategy.

Structuredness and consistency marked out the speech of Dmitry Poyarkov, head of corporate mass media block of Severstal. The concept of Severstal’s corporate newspaper is to combine the existing five newspapers in one weekly magazine, which will be distributed at all enterprises of Severstal. The idea is rather risky and fully opposite to Metinvest strategy, therefore Dmitry’s speech sparked a long discussion.

Sergey Belov, head of public relations department of Institute for Natural Monopoly, delivered a report «Communication agencies or internal experts: who is more effective?» having surprised with detailed description of all difficult aspects of cooperation with an agency without mentioning any advantages.

A true delight was the iPad-version of the TMK internal newspaper titled «Your Tube», which was presented at the conference for the first time. Bright, effective, informative, and interactive, there is nothing else to add! Everyone was thrilled, and representatives of Ukrainian companies in a lobby have started discussing behind the scenes their plans on launching iPad-versions of their own newspapers. We’ll see who is going to be the first in Ukraine.

Metinvest Holding won deservedly the first place in the nomination «Best publication of metallurgical company of the CIS» of the 10th anniversary competition «Best Corporate Mass-media in metallurgical industry of Russia and the CIS — 2012».