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Tsukerka Party Feast of Sweet Life

The event department of Mainstream PR agency prepared and conducted a series of events for Farmak pharmaceutical company to celebrate the Pharmacist Day.

The chain of signature dessert-parties were organized to sweeten the life of "bitter medicine workers" — pharmacists — on their professional day. The party marathon kicked off in Kiev and then moved on to Kharkiv, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv.

Tsukerka party (from Ukr. — Candy party) was a very pleasant surprise for the guests in each city. It happened so that among pharmacists there are more women than men, that’s why we proposed the concept of a big tea ceremony with all possible and impossible kinds of dessert (which, according to many women’s opinion, is often a better remedy for stress than any pill:) Apart from sweets, there were various contests, games and lovely music which couldn’t leave anyone unengaged. The highlight of the party was our cupcake-girls, who delighted the guests with their stunning outfits and their smiles. Everyone could take a picture with them to make the memory of this unusual Pharmacist Day last for a long time.