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Nataliya Zhylinkova
Nataliya Zhylinkova
account manager
'The project presentation has drawn unexpectedly wide response although the event wasn’t virtually advertised. Hundreds of Kyiv residents attended the exhibition halls of the Chocolate House over the weekend. Artists involved in the project conducted several master-classes on painting for little guests, and all the books were sold out already in the first day.'
Paintings in “stories”

Mainstream Communication & Consulting organized a presentation of books series “Aesthetic Education. Children’s Art Gallery” from “Master-Class” Publishing House, which took place in the Chocolate House-Museum on December 16, 2011.

In the course of the event, first five books of the project “Children’s Art Gallery” were represented at a solemn opening of the selling exposition of paintings by artists, who participated in the project, within the event a master-class for little visitors was organized.

“Children’s Art Gallery” is a long-term social project, where gifted artists from Ukraine and Belarus take part: Nataliya Bendus-Petrovskaya, Svetlana Rudikova, Elena Lebedeva, Anna Silivonchik and Nataliya Derevyanko.

“I’m a frequent visitor of exhibitions and art galleries, where I see works of artists from Ukraine, Russia and other neighboring countries. Many artists paint in the ‘childish’ style. Some are inspired by own children, while others depict memoirs from their childhood. These paintings are understandable and interesting for children, and I regretted that they were not accessible to all kids. Life of most paintings begins in a workshop, continues for a short period in a gallery, and comes to a standstill in a private collection. The desire to make pictures accessible to children has induced the idea of creating the ‘inverted book’: normally the text is written and then it is illustrated, but I decided to begin with illustration and then proceed to the text. Artists volunteered to write ‘stories’ to their paintings, and in my opinion the text is very inspiring,” told the Director of “Master-Class” Publishing House Oleg Simonenko at the presentation.

The project aims to address two important issues. Firstly, foster the feeling of beauty and harmony in young children and teach them how to distinguish and express emotions through a picture. Secondly, provide an opportunity to young gifted artists of communicating their art to children and thus cultivating the environment, where the creativity of gifted artists is accessible to children.