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  • New textbook for PR-specialists is published in Ukraine
Valentyn Korolko
Valentyn Korolko
the president of Mainstream Communication & Consulting
'Public relations as a science, art and social institute are intended to implement the positive function of reaching the consensus in society, helping to cultivate understanding, constructive cooperation of official institutions, business organizations, and political parties, as well as separate persons with the public, which eventually determines the general prosperity'.
New textbook for PR-specialists is published in Ukraine

November 19 saw a presentation of a new Valentyn Korolko’s textbook “Public Relations. Scientific Fundamentals, Methodology, Practice”, prepared jointly with the associate professor Oksana Nekrasova, in the Interfax News Agency.

Participants of the press conference were the book authors and reviewers who told about its purpose, content and uniqueness compared to other textbooks.

“The textbook rests on serious theoretical principles, and covers the issues of both methodology and practice. Besides, it unites scientific approaches and provides case studies from domestic and international practice,” told the textbook coauthor Oksana Nekrasova, associate professor of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, at the presentation.

This new book, which appeared in Ukrainian scientific and educational literature, did not yield to any work of famous foreign authors on its volume and the scope of topics coverage.

The book’s 24 chapters, divided into 5 sections, provide an all-inclusive insight into the history of formation and the current state of public relations. According to Valentyn Korolko, the book mostly deals with requirements, best practices and standards of the International Public Relations Association (IPRA).

According to the authors, they attempted to customize the processes, which occurred after 2001 when the previous edition had been published, as well as to set them out and systemize in the appropriate manner in the form of the new textbook.

The new edition places special emphases on scientific fundamentals of public relations, sociological, socio-psychological and cultural theories. Besides, the book provides the more in-depth analysis of specifics of PR-technologies application in spheres of image formation, reputation management, crisis situations, civilized lobbying, and election campaigns.

It’s the first time when the issues of international public relations are considered at the level of textbooks. Authors paid special attention to communication skills, media relations, techniques of interpersonal communications, as well as issues of strengthening the Internet role as a communication tool.

Answering to journalists’ questions, Valentyn Korolko noted that the book contributed greatly to overcoming of negative stereotypes about the branch of “public relations”, which was often perceived as “black PR”, namely manipulation of consciousness, stirring up of media wars, deception of the public by means of “dirty tricks”, juggling with facts, etc.

The relevant teaching material is presented in the compact and accessible form. However, the book does not offer easy recipes for success. On the contrary, authors bring up the idea that it is impossible to make any progress in PR without fundamental knowledge of the science, art and professional etiquette of public relations.

The book is for teachers, postgraduates and university students, researchers and practitioners, specialists in the sphere of management and public administration. It will be useful for activists of political parties, heads of election campaigns, and everyone who works or aspires to work in the sphere of public relations.