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  • 2012 National Population Census in Ukraine
2012 National Population Census in Ukraine

Mainstream Communication & Consulting has won a tender of United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for development of information campaign in support of the 2012 National Population Census in Ukraine.

In the course of the project implementation, Mainstream in consultations with the StatCom and UNFPA, will develop communication materials, which will be an integral part of the large-scale national campaign.

Mainstream specialists will develop the detailed communication concept, including objectives and respective techniques of their fulfillment, recommendations on carrying out of mass media and public opinion monitoring, as well as options of mass media partnership during the campaign. Much attention will be paid to techniques of addressing the youth audience, namely the company will advise the StatCom employees on ways of communicating information through social networks using virus promo-videos, information articles, etc.

The proposed program of the campaign will cover the territory of whole country. It will include the census branding, advocacy plan and tools, description of target audiences, key messages, creation of various multimedia information materials, as well as consulting of the StatCom employees on communication issues.

The 2012 National Population Census in Ukraine is a tool for obtainment of objective statistical data necessary for development of effective programs of the country development. Since only the trustworthy information will enable to evaluate the major social and economic developments of Ukraine correctly.


Notes to editors
Notes to editors

According to the 2001 Ukrainian Census, the total actual population recorded was 48,457 million persons. According to the most recent official figures of the StatCom, total actual population of the country is 45.6 million persons. The population of Ukraine is getting smaller and smaller. In summer 2010, the government passed a decree to conduct the National Population Census in Ukraine in 2012. Census will be conducted by the population inquiry at the place of stay as of the census date in the form of interview, with involvement of specially trained temporary census specialists.