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Valentyn Korolko
Valentyn Korolko
Representative of the Contest Organizing Committee and Supervisory Council
'In the Internet era, the speed of information distribution has increased manyfold. People may observe the world events and trends in real time.Rise of social media was revolutionary — every Internet user got an opportunity not only to obtain, but also to spread information. Nevertheless, the journalism ‘flight’ into online is accompanied by unpleasant moments, namely Internet users bear virtually no responsibility for credibility of information, which they spread. We neither advocate nor disapprove any mass media, we are committed to classical journalism in all mass media, which identify themselves as such.'
PRESSzvanie 7.0: journalism era

On November 16, the on-line registration in the annual International Contest „Prize of Business Circles „PRESSzvanie 2011“ was open. This time the contest of best business journalists is held in the ‘social networks’ style. Innovation of this year is a possibility for one journalist to participate in no more than two nominations simultaneously. As to the list of nominations, there appeared two new topics — transport and agro-industrial complex.

This season the Contest will combine the topic of high technologies development and evergreen principles of classical journalism: objectivity, relevance, accuracy, promptness, in-depth coverage of a topic, credibility, and grammatical correctness.

You can register on the Contest website www.presszvanie.ua. Registration of participants will be closed on December 30. Voting begins right after the end of registration. Jury, consisting of business representatives and editors but not more than two representatives from one edition or one company, will choose the best.

Prize of Business Circles 'PRESSzvanie'

„Prize of Business Circles „PRESSzvanie“ is an international Contest of Business Journalists, where juries — business leaders and editors of leading business media — evaluate work of journalists and editors of business print, online media and news agencies, as well as independent business journalists through an interactive voting system on the Contest’s website www.presszvanie.ua in real time.

The Contest organizers are:

• Mainstream Communication & Consulting;

• National Association of Ukrainian Journalists (NAUJ);

• Ukrainian Union of Industrialists & Entrepreneurs (UUIE);

• Union of Russian Journalists (URJ);

• Moscow Association of Businessmen (МАB);

• Russian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen (RUIB).

Partner companies of the Contest: Smart Holding, SCM, Metinvest, TNK-BP Commerce, Interpipe, and DTEK. Information partners: MMR magazine, First Business TV-channel, „Vlast Deneg“ magazine, „24“ news TV-channel, „Ekonomicheskie Izvestiya“ newspaper, and „Ukrainian News“ agency.