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  • Russia and Ukraine in Changing Europe
Maryna Ermakova
Mainstream project manager
'It is difficult to overestimate the relevance of the round-up. Today the topic of Russian-Ukrainian relations is interesting not only for journalists from Ukraine and Russia, but also for foreign mass media. The experience in organization of international events enabled the team of Mainstream to conduct the roundtable at the high organizational level, and all its participants were satisfied. We put the most efforts to settle all issues related to the event organization and its press support at short notice.'
Russia and Ukraine in Changing Europe

Mainstream Communication & Consulting organized a roundtable „Russia and Ukraine in Changing Europe“, which took place in Kyiv, on October 23-25, 2011.

The initiators of the roundtable were the Russian Political Science Association and the Kyiv Center of Political Studies and Conflictology, under the aegis of A.M. Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. Over 30 prominent public figures as well as representatives of expert community of Russia and Ukraine were engaged in the discussion.

During the roundtable, experts gave thorough analysis to the current state and prospects of multiculturalism in Europe from the viewpoint of Russia, Ukraine and the EU, broached the issue of joint modernization of Russia and Ukraine, as well as the topic of European integration crisis and inevitability of fundamental changes in the EU. Following the results of the expert round-up, we organized a press briefing for correspondents of the leading Ukrainian and foreign mass media.

The roundtable topic and its speakers stirred the interest of 25 mass media, namely 5 TV-channels, 10 newswires, 7 online media and 3 print editions. Only a few hours after the press briefing, a few dozens of messages appeared on Internet. The numbers of pickups reached 80 publications during the next few days.

Besides PR-support, Mainstream specialists provided full organizational support to the event, including participants’ transfer and accommodation, developed a logo and visibility for the event, and prepared promotional merchandise and press-kits.