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  • Yana Klochkova’s son will be learning English
Yana Klochkova
'I would try to make English real for my son. I wanted English to be the first discipline of our education that is why we’ve chosen this course. And we will not fall out of it. Every mother wants the best for her child, so we’ve chosen education in Helen Doron School. I hope that it will provide a good start for my son and he’ll be able to study abroad in future.'
Yana Klochkova’s son will be learning English

On October 15, 2011, Mainstream provided PR-support to a demonstration lesson at Helen Doron Early English School in Kyiv. Special guests of the event were the Olympic swimming champion Yana Klochkova and her year-old son. For little Sasha it was the first lesson of English.

Yana told that the particular feature of Helen Doron School was that the lessons were built on the unique methodology, which enabled to involve all sense organs of children in the learning process. During the English lesson, toddlers not only look at pictures of words, but also listen how they are pronounced, play with bricks, and repeat new sounds.