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  • Ukraine prepares actively for EURO 2012
Ravil Safiullin
Head of Public Service of Youth and Sports of Ukraine
'The campaign objectives are very similar to the program of the All-Ukrainian Alliance, which unites over 100 nongovernmental organizations,and today it joins the social campaign ‘Lets Do It Together!’.
Ukraine prepares actively for EURO 2012

On September 27, PR-company Mainstream held a press conference devoted to signature of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Public Service of Youth and Sports and All-Ukrainian Alliance of Assistance to Carrying Out of the European Football Championship, in UNIAN.

The memorandum signature confirms joint intentions on implementation of social and awareness-rising programs on the eve and during 2012 European Football Championship.

Head of Public Service of Youth and Sports of Ukraine Ravil Safiullin declared to journalists that in the spring 2011 they initiated a campaign ‘Lets Do It Together!’. The campaign aims at promotion of healthy lifestyle, close involvement of children and youth in sports, cultivation of responsibility for their lives, development of creative abilities etc. 

Currently organizations work actively on preparation of events for children and teenagers, especially for orphans and homeless. It is planned to conduct championships for children, football master-classes, and trainings for volunteers, as well as arrangement of smoke and alcohol-free fan-zones, and many other things. Moreover, well-known sportsmen and show biz stars will participate in ‘Lets Do It Together!’ campaign, showing by personal example the importance of healthy lifestyle as opposed to negative phenomena that exist in the modern society.