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Andrey Podenok
President of the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs
'I attend the solemn ceremony every year and I’ m pleased that every year the event becomes better and better, more and more versatile, and with a growing number of guests. As far as I understand, more and more nominees are eager to participate in the contest. This Prize not only influences the development of Ukrainian business journalism, but is widely known in the CIS countries since many try to conduct it in their country'.
«PRESSzvanie 2010»

Last Saturday, March 26, 2011, concert-hall FREEDOM hosted a solemn ceremony of awarding the best business journalists of Ukraine, organized by Mainstream Communication & Consulting. Winners of the VI international contest ".

Prize of Business Circles " PRESSzvanie 2010″ were 30 journalists in 10 profile and 3 image nominations. MCs of the evening were executive producer of Inter TV-channel Vladimir Zelensky and his colleague from " Studio Kvartal-95″ Evgeniy Koshevoy.

This year the Contest passed under the motto " Contains GMO: grammatical correctness, mastership, own responsibility", therefore the party was styled after bio-laboratory researches where domestic journalists were tested to see if they contain professional qualities. Personnel in protective suits, who checked everyone on GMO-contain, were greeting the guests at the entrance. Besides, the concert-hall was decorated with cages with experimental rats, rabbits and frogs. Even the invitation-letter to the event was in the form of a test tube with a sprout of a plant inside. The event program consisted of the official and the musical parts: a solemn congratulation of winners, a quiz to guess names of newspapers and news wires, a performance of " Asturias" string quartet and a concert of a popular musical band S. K. A. Y. Over 300 guests attended the ceremony.

In the opinion of DTEK Director for External Affairs Aleksandr Tolkach, the Contest promotes development of business journalism in the country just like any competition, any opportunity to communicate with each other and to follow successes of competitors is a good stimulus for development. " For our company it is a good opportunity to see who and at what speed develops, where new stars appear and with whom it is better to work," noted Aleksandr Tolkach.

Representatives of business, editors of business mass media and industry experts evaluated professionalism of business journalists in the course of the Contest. Now results and all points are available with open access on PRESSzvanie website under " Results" section. The Supervisory Council and the Contest‘ s Auditor — " Ernst & Young" — verified the results.