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Dmitriy Komarenko
director of the entertainment complex ‘Arena’
‘I have attended many presentations but this one seemed to be very genuine and touching. I’m very grateful to Mr. Earl for choosing Ukraine out of all other countries and for willing to help Ukrainian children in their numerous problems. He has the right spirit and is a real professional. I wish him good luck!’
Adults Helping Children Today Ukraine presentation

The presentation objective was to acquaint the guests with problems of orphan-children in Ukraine, show ways of their solutions, and share the reach experience of ACT-UA.

The guests of the press-conference were: metropolitan business-elite, artists, sportsmen, and journalists for whom the future of our children was one of the highest priorities in life. The movement was supported by: Vitaliy and Vladimir Klichko, the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine William B. Tailor, and the Absolute Olympic Champion Liliya Podkopaeva.

At the presentation Earl J. de Cloux, the head of ACT-UA, shared about the plans for future and the vision of his organization in the sphere of helping socially unprotected children. ‘Our mission is to protect interests and needs of children who ended up in the streets for some reason’, - said Mr. Earl.

Among the participants of the presentation were such special guests as: Marti Ziegelbauer – formerly famous anchorwoman in the USA, Gary Ziegelbauer – secretary of the Charity Foundation ACT-UA Supervision Board. The Supervision Board was also represented by: Judy and DavidCllasson andCraig Herrman – famous interior designer from the USA.

ACT-UA opened a new day stationary centre in Odessa for gutter-children. They also visited orphanages where they carried out social work with children. As a special gift for their guests, the orphanage children ,made clay crafts in the shape of an adult holding a child’s hand.. Those crafts symbolized care and responsibility of adults for children.

Anna Starostenko, representative of ‘Klichko Brothers’ foundation:

‘The presentation was marvelous and very sincere. Tears welled into the eyes of the guests, especially when they were given presents made by children, who, unlike the guests of the presentation, weren’t that spoiled by fortune.