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  • Struggle against domestic violence goes on
Struggle against domestic violence goes on

On August 20, 2010, Mainstream Communication & Consulting conducted a press briefing with heads of the EU-funded project 'Children and Women Rights in Ukraine' and representatives of the Ministry for Family, Youth and Sport, dedicated to distribution of 50 000 cards with helpful information to those who suffer from domestic violence. Cards distribution is a part of the all-Ukrainian information campaign to fight domestic violence.

The campaign is held in the territory of Ukraine during August and includes an advertising campaign and street events. These cards contain helpful advice and information on where one can turn to get help. They will be distributed by the project volunteers at railway and bus stations all over the country.

Specialists of Mainstream organized a tour for journalists to the National domestic violence 'hotline' and to the Social assistance center for victims of domestic violence in order to provide information to mass media representatives about how victims of domestic violence get assistance. National domestic violence and children rights 'hotline', supported by the International Women’s Rights Center 'La-Strada Ukraine', is known to receive over 500 phone calls monthly from all over Ukraine. Altogether there were about 9 000 calls to the hotline since 2004, of them 40% from women and 48% from children.

13 mass media representatives participated in the event, among them were representatives of 6 TV-channels, 2 radio stations, 2 news agencies, etc.