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  • Day of Breast Cancer Fighting in Ukraine
Grygoriy Borysovych Bernstein
Main Oncologist of "LISSOD"
'Chances of any woman to develop breast cancer during her life amount approximately to 12% (every eighth woman). Breast cancer is a social-medical problem and fighting of this disease is a challenge for the whole health network. Breast cancer heads the list of female diseases in Ukraine and amounts to 19% of all cases detected for the first time. The rate of breast cancer in Ukraine does not differ greatly from the incidence rate in other European states and the USA. But the death rate within the first year from the date of the diagnosis confirmation differs, indicating the problem of the disease late detection. Diagnosis of patients with the last third and fourth stages of disease comes to 22% in Ukraine, in some regions this figure makes up 40%. In Europe and the USA this rate does not exceed 5-9%.'
Day of Breast Cancer Fighting in Ukraine

On October 19, 2010, specialists of Mainstream Communication & Consulting carried out a press conference, dedicated to the launch of a social initiative 'Be Attentive to Yourself — It Will Save Your Life', in Interfax-Ukraine.

October 20 is the Day of Breast Cancer Fighting in Ukraine, and the social initiative 'Be Attentive to Yourself — It Will Save Your Life' is launched on this day.

The social initiative includes carrying out of outreach and awareness-raising work, preparation of social advertising campaign. Moreover, a cancer specialist from the Kyiv Health Center will consult patients free of charge on the 20th day of every two month as a part of the initiative.

According to Igor Leonidovych Babiy, Head of Board of 'Associations of Social Advertising Customers and Producers', 'The main objective of the initiative 'Be Attentive to Yourself — It Will Save Your Life' is the necessity of carrying out an integrated awareness-raising campaign to provide information on the disease to women, importance of healthy lifestyle, and need of regular screening and self-inspection. As well as to inform about risks and factors that provoke this disease, to give contacts of clinics and doctors, to which women can turn for the help. Success of this campaign depends largely on cooperation and joint efforts of the state, mass media, and public organizations, as well as producers of social advertising and medical institutions to fight for health of Ukrainian women.'

'Experience of Europe and the USA shows that today it is possible to diagnose breast cancer at early stages and accordingly to overcome this disease. The US Institute of Cancer reports that 98% of women can be cured in case of the breast cancer timely diagnostics. Today cutting-edge medical technologies, precise equipment for diagnostics and treatment are available in Ukraine. It enables not only to detect an oncological pathology at the earliest stages, when treatment is most effective, but also to prevent development of oncological diseases,' considers Otto Oleksandrovych Stoyko, Head Physician of the Kiev Health Center.

Representatives of more than 10 print and online mass media participated in discussion about importance of the integrated approach to treatment of the breast cancer. Journalists believe that low incomes and perverted perception of this disease hinder women to undergo examinations timely. Besides, medical insurance, which enables to cover expenses on high-priced treatment in many countries of the world, is virtually not developed in Ukraine.

Sponsors of the social initiative are Kyiv Health Center, Association of Social Advertising Consumers and Producers, National Cancer Institute, LISSOD oncological clinic, and Yaspis advertising agency.