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  • Mainstream co-organizer of exhibition “Persian Modern”
Solmaz Fooladi
designer and decorator
'As an Asian woman, I have a huge desire to tell the world about Persia — this ancient and powerful empire, which lost its name. I have chosen an unconventional way to do it — design and creativity. I am sincerely glad of my cooperation with Mainstream. Owing to this company my dream — to remind of the great past of my country — turns into reality,'
Mainstream co-organizer of exhibition “Persian Modern”

On October 28, Kyiv gallery of contemporary art TSEKH hosted a presentation of 'Persian Modern' exhibition from the architect, designer and decorator Solmaz Fooladi. About 100 guests attended its solemn opening, among them mass media representatives.

The three-day exhibition featured elements of interior, ethno-installations, national clothes of Persian women and photo-paintings, created by the architect and designer Solmaz Fooladi. Ms. Solmaz is not afraid to combine various styles and directions in her works. In all elements of decor one could feel Persian luxury, magnificence and brilliancy of colors that perfectly complement modern European interior.

The event was accompanied with oriental buffet table, fascinating stories and ancient Persian music in modern dj-adaptation, besides Solmaz performed some tracks herself. In the end of the presentation, every visitor received a catalogue of design works, discounts for services of the designer, as well as gift certificates from the exhibition partners.

Solmaz Fooladi is originally Iranian, but she has been living and working in Ukraine for 14 years already. She has a track record of numerous design projects, and in the process of their creation she actualizes a new direction — 'Persian Modern'.