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Hero Party Steel Devision

During Sep.8-10 the team of Mainstream Communication & Consulting specialists organized and held an extreme event called Hero Party Metinvest Steel Division. It took place on the uninhabited island “Dgarilgach” not far from Skadovsk, Kherson region. The main purpose of the event was to conduct teambuilding training for top-managers of “Metinvest Holding”.

Far from civilization, the participants experienced an exciting adventure, got a chance to test their stamina and feel as though they were a part of an island tribe. The MC was Igor Pelekh who was dressed as a sea pirate. Having arrived on the island, the participants had to swim to the shore, build their own huts, search for food, they had to go through various tasks and obey pirate laws in order to survive. And all that was done for the priceless gift – legendary treasures of “Dragon’s Golden beaver”.

Mainstream Communication & Consulting offerednon-standardcreative team-building, which provided participants with a lot of emotions and great impression even despite unfavorable weather conditions. Competitions for “survival” were held in supportive friendly atmosphere. When the competitions were over, the winners got their prizes under the sounds of drums and the wonders of fakir.Entertainment party with impressive fireworks, eastern dances, banquet and award ceremony became a good chance for rest for all the participants after two days of severe competitions. And all that was taking place at the beautiful setting of sea sceneries, among deer, roes and wild horses.

For Mainstream Communication & Consulting agency and “Metinvest Holding”, that was another successful joint project, which impressed its participants with its uniqueness and unexpectedness. Who could have thought that on a waste land among wild animals and reeds just in four days there would be a real island village with huts, fires, concert hall and a game zone! Nobody could ever suppose that it would be possible to organize an unforgettable pirate style banquet on the ruins of an old lighthouse. The party on the island became a good material for a corporate film, which was shot by the group of operators at the end of the event.

Heroes were leaving the island tired but satisfied. The main goal was achieved! Extreme competitions involving physical strength and stamina revealed the best qualities of “Metinvest” top-managers, revealed strong leaders, allowed the participants to get to know and understand each other better. The top-managers of “Metinvest” are deeply convinced that the latter will undoubtedly contribute to the improvement of internal communications and the development of the Holding in general.