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  • The art of living for 100% from Steven Aldrich
The art of living for 100% from Steven Aldrich

Employees of “Mainstream Communication & Consulting” took a master-class from Steven G. Aldrich, the Career Counselor at Gallup Organization, in the last week of February. Steven is a member of the national Association of Training Development (ASTD) and Association for Psychological Type International (APTi). He has been involved in the field of Life Sciences for the 35 years and is the creator of Lifeworkx.

‘You will need the exact knowledge of your character strengths in order to progress to the next level of success’, opened the meeting Steven Aldrich. Mr. Aldrich had synthesized the most interesting from the sphere of leadership, psychology and management in one master-class particularly for the employees of “Mainstream”. The seminar-workshop was a mix of the lecture part, followed by the practical one and the final testing.

Employees of “Mainstream” brought up a series of topical questions during the meeting:

  • Is it possible to combine outstanding personalities in one team?
  • What is better: to work on development of your weaknesses or to use your strengths to the maximum?
  • How to develop strengths correctly during the crisis?

‘You should look for new possibilities instead of surrendering to the general panic in the times of difficulties. Dreams – these are the basis of the American nation, rather than political or economic restrictions. Your wishes and purposes focus your attention on the future’, Steven told.

‘The ability to define quickly and correctly any character type is the major factor of success in work with people. You should remember that all of us are very different: some people are focused on solution of practical problems, some are charged with energy from work in groups and people are the highest priority for them, other people focus on analytical activity. The better you understand your clients and partners, the more successful your business will be’, claimed Mr. Aldrich.

‘Inner corporate trainings are among the key strategic directions of “Mainstream”. It enables our employees to develop their potential and to work more effectively. Trainings are apt in any period. Sometimes life prepares us examination for survival therefore it is important not only to be well informed, but also to have your own view of the events around you’, Svetlana Revenkova, the Client Service Director of “Mainstream”, shared her impressions.