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Ready! Steady! Go!

Registration of participants of the Contest of Business Journalists ‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie 2008’ started on October 7, 2008.

Business journalists, editors-in-chief of business and socio-political mass-media, editors of economic (business) departments, CEOs and PR-managers of various companies take part in PRESSzvanie.

The Contest is held in Ukraine for the fourth time. Mass media are known to be the fourth authority. Therefore the idea of mass-media authority or even of information authority is broached in 2008. This year’s Contest will be held under the slogan ‘PRESSzvanie 2008. Mediacracy’.

Some of the special features of this year’s Contest: new nominations ‘Business and Society’ and ‘Newcomer of the Year’. Journalists who write about partnerships and conflicts in the triangle ‘Business-Authority-Society’ can participate in the nomination ‘Business and Society’. Journalists who work in business journalism no longer than one year can take part in the nomination ‘Newcomer of the Year’.

‘We, as representatives of business, are more than anyone else interested that our experience and our undertakings are used in Ukraine time and again. Therefore we act as partners of the Contest in order to support gifted and promising journalists, to support their aspiration for participation in solution of the most pressing problems for Ukraine. We are convinced that new nominations as well as the Contest PRESSzvanie as a whole will open many new names, or will provide us with opportunity to see already established business-journalists in a new light’, comments Natalia Yemchenko, the Director of Public Relations and Communications in ‘System Capital Management’.

‘We had some conflicting opinions regarding the nomination ‘Business and Society’. The topic of business and society interaction is important and interesting to the wide public, on the one hand. But on the other hand, many readers regard articles on this topic as advertorials. All in all we’ve decided to take a risk and to give the green light to the nomination ‘Business and Society’, after consulting the Supervision Board of the Contest. I hope that the competition in this nomination will be as strong as in other nominations and the attitude to articles on such topics will change for the better soon’, says Andrey Burkenya, the project-manager of PRESSzvanie Ukraine.

There will be a restriction introduced this year: during registration of juries a representative of a business structure can be registered only in one profile nomination.

Jurymen (editors and representatives of business) will be evaluating the nominees (journalists and editors) on-line on the site of the Contest www.zvanie.com. All scores will be publicly available.

Registration of the Contest participants will last till November 28.

Other changes and alterations to the rules of the Contest will be announced in the process of registration.

Mediacracy means authority of freedom of speech in the society.

‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie’ - the international Contest of business journalists, in which jury (leaders of business and editors of key business publications) evaluate the nominees (journalists) in the real time by means of interactive voting on the web-site of the Contest www.zvanie.com.

The distinctive feature of the Contest is open on-line voting due to which it is possible to see scores given by each juryman to a nominee at any moment of time on the web-site www.zvanie.com. Key businessmen of the country, editors-in-chief of business media, editors of economic (business) departments of other publications, and journalists, who cover economics according to nominations of the Contest, take part in the voting.

The Contest is held in Ukraine annually from September till March, since 2005.

In 2007 over 150 nominees – journalists of business and political publications – took part in the Contest. The jury of the Contest consisted of editors-in-chief of business and socio-political publications and representatives of business. The total number of judges was 183 representatives.