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  • Mainstream held celebration for OstChem Group
Mainstream held celebration for OstChem Group

Mainstream Communication & Consulting held a corporate event for employees of ‘OstChem Group’ on December 25, 2008.

OstChem Group is among the leaders of chemical industry of Ukraine. It operates in the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, in particular in Estonia, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, and Tajikistan. Since OstChem Group business was founded in Austria and Germany, it was decided to carry out the party in the style of Oktoberfest – the biggest beer festival in the world. 130 employees of the Group became participants of the event titled “OstChem Neujahr Dezemberfest”, having been timed to the 4th anniversary of the company and celebration of the New Year. Exquisite atmosphere of Arena Entertainment had perfectly tuned the guests for light-hearted relaxation. There were rivers of beer with old-German Bavarian dishes galore!

After the solemn opening and the greeting speech from top-managers of the company, the kings of the party had the honor to eat delicious dishes from the special menu to their heart’s delight and to take part in draws, lotteries and competitions. Animators, artists and service staff were dressed in German national costumes, and it created a very special flavor of the evening. Brewery of Arena Entertainment prepared 4 taps of beer especially for the company’s birthday, which got new names in the context of the holding activity: ilmenite, saltpeter, soda, and titan dioxide.

Through variety of competitions guests learnt a lot of new things about German traditions as well as about the heady drink with 400-year history. “Jokers” musical band and one of the brightest folklore collectives – German National Dance Theatre “Deutsche Quelle”, which created festive mood throughout the evening, had been specially invited for the birthday of the company. Each guest received lovely remembrance gifts – a warm branded scarf and a disk with photos from the party – in the end of “OstChem Neujahr Dezemberfest”.