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  • Mainstream became partners with Finnish Jaagon
Mainstream became partners with Finnish Jaagon

Today, on December 22, 2008, Ukrainian agency ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ and Finnish company ‘Jaagon’ declared the beginning of strategic partnership in the sphere of international communications. Joint efforts of the market leaders will be aimed at expansion of the client base and provision of new services to customers.

Earlier, on December 5, the companies held a meeting in Helsinki to discuss prospects of cooperation. Jaagon has 7 years of operational experience in the sphere of communications. The company renders services in the sphere of traditional marketing, advertising, web-design, creation of brands, and introduction of the latest IT-technologies, which provide possibilities to improve business processes and to solve problems at the qualitatively new level.

Ben Fernström, Creative Director of Jaagon: ‘We are convinced that cooperation will be an interesting, mutually advantageous project as Mainstream has positive experience of cooperation with Finnish companies. We are interested in the advancement of communication services in the Ukrainian market and it is particularly relevant during the time of financial crisis.’

‘Partner agreement with Jaagon emphasizes aspiration of Mainstream to establish long-term international contacts. We highly appreciate the potential of our cooperation, because combining our companies’ services will considerably expand the spectrum of the services we offer to our clients in Ukraine and abroad’. - Marina Bevzenko, Mainstream.