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  • Press-conference for Cadogan Petroleum plc and EBRD
Mark Tolley
the Chief Executive Officer of Cadogan Petroleum plc.
‘As part of this investment program we are not only drilling on our fields, but also investing in infrastructure, building new gas treatment plants and pipelines connecting to the national network. We are also investing in a comprehensive Social Development and Environmental Protection program developed and planned with EBRD. This is another demonstration of our commitment to Ukraine’
Press-conference for Cadogan Petroleum plc and EBRD

On October 6 ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ held a joint press-conference for Cadogan Petroleum plc and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

The press conference was dedicated to investment plans of Cadogan Petroleum plc, legality of the Company’s licenses on hydrocarbon production and cooperation of EBRD and Cadogan Petroleum plc in general.  

Cadogan Petroleum plc plans to invest $500 million in commercial production of 11 Ukrainian oil-and-gas deposits and in development of gas-processing industry and gas-transportation infrastructure through 2010.

‘The first stage of the suggested PR-program for Cadogan Petroleum plc was the press-conference. The newsmaker has aroused interest of over 20 representatives of business and socio-political mass-media. We offered the journalists an opportunity to obtain valuable information firsthand and to communicate personally with the Company’s top-managers. The press-conference was covered in 3 TV-reports, 6 publications in the press, and 37 news reports in the Internet media’, informed the project manager Marina Ermakova.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is the biggest financial investor in Ukraine. The bank has undertaken obligations to invest in 172 projects with a total value of ?3.74 billion as of September 2008. http://www.ebrd.com/

Cadogan Petroleum plc
Cadogan Petroleum plc

was incorporated in October 2004 following which initial funding was raised from equity investors with a view to financing the appraisal of upstream oil and gas opportunities in the CIS and elsewhere. The search for hydrocarbon opportunities resulted in the acquisition of entities holding interests in the Pirkovskoe and Pokrovskoe hydrocarbon licenses in Eastern Ukraine in December 2005. Then were acquired other companies holding interests in the hydrocarbon license in Western Ukraine. Corporate HQ of Cadogan Petroleum plc is located in Kiev, operational offices – in the east and west of Ukraine, representation office – in London (UK). The Company completed an IPO on the LSE Main Market in June of this year for implementation of its plans. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is among shareholders of Cadogan Petroleum, it acquired 5.2% in the Company in February of 2007. www.cadoganpetroleum.com