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Tatiana Chubenko
Corporate Communications Department director
‘On behalf of the whole team we express our gratitude for the perfectly organized summer festival, which took place in the yachts-club at the Kyiv Sea on July 4, 2008. Your team has shown outstanding professionalism by their responsible approach to every task they were given. Darya Marchenko’s professionalism deserves special mention, so we want to thank her for a successfully event that was carried out at the highest level. Due to the perfectly arranged and accordingly decorated recreation zones the guests had an opportunity to feel the relaxing atmosphere of the festival. From the bottom of our hearts we wish your team successes and looking forward to further cooperation’
Yacht-regatta for ‘Siemens Ukraine’

‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ organized regatta among racing yachts for 215 employees of ‘Siemens Ukraine’, which took place on the territory of a yacht-club at the Kyiv Sea on July 4.

Summer is an excellent time not only for vacations, but is also a good opportunity to spend an active corporate week-end! On a sunny day in July employees of ‘Siemens Ukraine’ left for yacht competitions called ‘SIEMENS SOMMERFEST’.

Sailing competitions have always been a difficult but prestigious sport, that could be mastered by very few. The regatta became a real adventure because yachtsmen had to deal with such elements as water and wind, and to maneuver in competitive struggle, demonstrating their physical strength and intellect.

The grand start of the event was announced by two enthusiastic MCs – Sergey Gnatyuk and Yuriy Klyatskin, who told the guests about the program of the upcoming activities and surprises prepared for them for that day. Maximilian Egger, the General Director of ‘Siemens-Ukraine’, delivered a salutatory speech to the crews, encouraging them before the competition. And the ‘Eleven project’ band inspired participants with their musical beats. The breathtaking show lasted for over an hour: yachts with bright sails plied across the blue waters of the Kyiv Sea. 10 crews were trying their strengths. The interested could watch the course of the races and the enthralling competition, which developed on picturesque stretches of the Kyiv Sea. As soon as the last yacht crossed the tape, the regatta was finished to the sounds of a ship’s bell and applauses of the guests. Participation in regatta became an outstanding event in the life of the company, which turned out to be every bit as important as the victory itself.

Dramatic struggle for the victory was crowned with presentation of Cups to the winners:

1 place – Evgeniy Buryachenko, the eldest employee of the company and the Head of Labor Protection Department.

2 place – Nataliya Demchenko, the youngest employee of the company and economist in the Accounting Department.

3 place – Vyacheslav Marchenko, the Chairman of the Labor Collective Board.

Sword dance, performed for the yachtsmen by the show-ballet ‘Vatan’, became the most unexpected present for the winners.

Afterwards specialists of ‘Mainstream’ entertained the guests at various attractions, following the creative idea of the event. Organizers located special animation zones at the seacoast and everyone could choose entertainment to their liking: a SPA-zone with relaxing massage procedures, a floating hookah bar with oriental dances or a pub. More active guests could choose between beach volleyball, water polo and scooters; sharpshooters of the company had an opportunity to practice their accuracy by shooting from air guns and slingshots. The evening part of the SOMMERFEST was very eventful too. It included the banquet, different sea-related contests and games, a master-class from the show-ballet ‘Vatan’, and disco dancing. The winners left home tired, but happy! Who would have thought that the kings of business could become the yachting stars for just one day!

Siemens Ukraine
Siemens Ukraine

is a subsidiary of ‘Siemens’ concern in Ukraine. It’s one of leading suppliers of products, services and complex solutions for modernization of key infrastructural areas of Ukrainian economy: power, transport, industrial automation, medicine. The company was founded in 1997. From 1992 to 1997 it operated as Siemens representation in Ukraine. The head quarters of the company are in Kiev. Regional branches operate in Donetsk, Lvov, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkov.