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  • Photo-exhibition ‘Ukraine, my Ukraine’
Photo-exhibition ‘Ukraine, my Ukraine’

13th All-Ukrainian Photo-Exhibition ‘Ukraine, my Ukraine’, organized by the National Union of Artist Photographers of Ukraine (NUAPU), was organized with support of ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’.

The presented works combined not only many-sided nature of photographic tastes and viewpoints, but also the variety of emotions, which formed the unexpected, vivid and a little bit sad image of Ukraine.

A part of the exhibition exposition was occupied with pictures of the NUAPU members who fixed the flooding and liquidation of its consequences in the Western regions of Ukraine. The solemn ceremony of opening was attended by experts in photo-art from the capital and by representatives of the press.

‘Competitions, exhibitions, master-classes, which we organize, unite professionals in the sphere of art photo from the whole country and are aimed at development and popularization of photography as a form of art in Ukraine and beyond its borders’, -  declared Alexander Chaptsev, the secretary of Board of NUAPU, at the press-conference which preceded the exhibition.

The annual photo-exhibition ‘Ukraine, my Ukraine’ is much sought after and has been held in Kiev since 2000. The jury has examined 905 pictures of 199 photographers from 21 regions of Ukraine and the AR Crimea this year. On the occasion of the Independence Day all citizens of Kiev and guests of the capital had an opportunity to see 130 photo-pictures of 74 authors where colorful art pictures were exhibited next to the documentary ones.

Marina Bevzenko, PR-manager of ‘Mainstream’, has informed: ‘We have found a reliable partner in the person of the National Union of Artist Photographers, with which we’ve been working for three years, and we are planning a number of new projects. We have a lot in common despite different spheres of our activities – we equally aim at perfection and appreciate high quality. We hope that in the future this kind of events will help to open many new talents’.