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  • The International Conference ‘Leadership Coach Training’
The International Conference ‘Leadership Coach Training’

Employees of Mainstream Communication & Consulting PR-agency took part in the International Conference ‘Leadership Coach Training’ which took place in the Netherlands and was organized by CBMC Nederland.

The purpose of the Conference was to discuss possibilities for development of business in the countries with different political and economic situations. Young top-managers at the age of 25-40 from 11 countries of the world shared their experience. The former Soviet Union republics were represented by such states as Ukraine, Belarus and Latvia.

The event was held in the two towns: Dalfsen and De Glind. Participants of the Conference undertook a few trainings, given over to consulting and couching, in the course of the program. Games on establishment of communications inside the team and recognition of communication problems were of peculiar interest. Another important part of the event was attendance of Dutch companies ‘Tosch Automatisering’(Internet technologies)and ‘BK Market trails’(construction of trailers), during which there was an opportunity to communicate with top managers, to explore the history of companies’ creation and development, and to discuss new technologies and possibilities for cooperation.

‘It was interesting to find out about development of companies in Latvia, the country which is similar to Ukraine and has successfully overcome economic and political crises. Trainings and reports of speakers at the conference have been interlaced with discussion groups, excursions and chat-ins in bars. The format of the event has enabled participants to become friends with each other. Such conferences give opportunities to have professional dialogue, to share experience and knowledge, and to learn more about the western standards of doing business.’ – Marina Bevzenko, PR-manager of ‘Mainstream’.