Media trainings


Training program: 2 days, 4 hours a day with breaks (70% of practice and 30% of theory), altogether 8 hours.

The second day of the training is held as a Q&A session, and practicing answers to thorny questions of journalists.

Working group: coach, journalist, and project manager.

Main courses:

  1. Art of confidence building
    • Seeing yourself as others see you
    • Stage fright relieving
    • Art of psychological self-development
  2. Vocal apparatus control
    • Speech gymnastics, vocal mode, breathing, articulation
    • «Filler words» — control methods
    • Practical skills of body language use during public performances
    • Elements of verbal etiquette
    • Facial expression and gestures of the speaker
  3. Elaboration of public speech structure
    • «I’m my own director»
    • Stages of preparation for public speech
    • Ways to attract audience attention
    • Creation of emotionally significant images
    • Successful impromptu speeches
    • Speech memorizing
    • «Microphone and camera» — skills of working with technical equipment used at conferences
  4. Skills of audience influencing
    • Psychological argumentation techniques
    • Rhetorical techniques as a science of bringing audience over to your point of view
    • Elements of possible verbal manipulations
    • Appearance with a glance to video-picture
    • How to answer questions from the audience
    • Handling a difficult audience
    • Peculiarities of on-camera performing
  5. Press conference: preparation and carrying out


Павел Богдан

Pavel Bogdan, Honoured journalist of Ukraine, art director of the course of TV program announcers and presenters at Kyiv National I.K. Karpenko-Karyi University of theatre, cinema and television, TV presenter.