Government relations, lobbying


As we all know, lobbying is an essential element of business development, which helps a Company to find common language with government bodies. The same pattern applies to most of the countries, including Ukraine.

The special feature of our Company is that we co-operate and maintain friendly relationships with all three main political forces of Ukraine represented in the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada) as well as central and regional government bodies.

We approach every lobbying task with a thorough and creative solution. Tailored individually for each Client, our program includes a number of steps, which help to define main attack points and achieve better leverages.

We value relationships built on trust. That is the reason we are not afraid to tell our Clients a ‘round unvarnished tale’ of current situation in the country, which tasks are impossible to complete or can be done partially.

After all, we know, an effective lobbying plan is possible only with properly defined goals and laboriously researched background. Following that scheme guarantees an efficient Public Affairs strategy design.

As a result of our work Clients get not only strategic or permanent solutions for a specific problem, they attain comprehensive business-to-government relationships with various bodies of power in the country, which, in its turn, help to avoid tension in future.