Crisis management


At times of crisis various external conditions may affect the image of your Company in the market. In order to prevent any manipulation with your reputation by, say, ubiquitous mass media, it is necessary to elaborate a special communication strategy. Our crisis communications help to change public image of the company or maintain your reputation in the market. At Mainstream we never give vain promises; for this reason, our team is ready to work 24/7 on your communications strategy in stormy times.

Based on our personal experience, any crisis includes the following stages:

  • absence of comprehensive information about the incident
  • fast and unpredictable development of the incident
  • evident lack of resources to react adequately and in time to the incident
  • heightened public and mass media attention
  • absence of special, crisis communication strategy
  • assigning bad reputation points to the company as a result of its formed negative image

Nonetheless, each crisis is derived from and driven by unique factors; therefore, there is no general ‘crisis’ blueprint for its prevention or regulation. Owing to different culture and mentality, we do not accept any templates in our work: international PR-methods are not always effective and acceptable in Ukraine. But our specialists are ready to help you by providing a set of specific instructions, essential for proper functionality of the Company in crisis.

Types of crisis situations our team has managed before:

  • financial crisis
  • government related crisis
  • human rights violation crisis
  • eco-crisis
  • hostile takeovers

To neutralize crisis our team implements the following stages:

  • analysis of current situation
  • defining the time of potential crisis and how it will evolve
  • planning a behaviour strategy for the Client in times of crisis
  • elaborating actual crisis-preventive actions
  • organization of image-improving events
  • instructing top management of the Company on particular aspects of crisis-behaviour policy
  • realization of anti-crisis campaign
  • analysis of the work performed
  • executive report and action correction