Corporate PR


Corporate PR is a complex of actions aimed at promoting a sound and effective communication inside a Company. Stress resistant personnel, a high level of loyalty, reduction in conflicts, attainment of team spirit are among the main benefits of the Corporate PR. Taken together, these benefits will ease the administration of  Company and increase its output.

To improve internal communications in your Company we offer the following services:

  • research of social psychological climate in the team and diagnose of employee’s attitude towards the work of the Company by means of questionnaire surveys, research and analysis of comments, work with focus-group, bridging the communication gap.
  • elaboration of a unique corporate culture and introduction of a corporate code.
  • original corporate style development, one of the main elements of visual communication and the principal Corporate Identity
  • publishing of corporate news, Intranet content creation, corporate weekly newsletters designing, content development for corporate newspapers, information stands, etc.
  • PR of the Company’s key persons: the founders of the business, top-management, ‘employees of the month’ and others. This, in turn, will give employees a role model, personification of corporate values and spirit
  • organization of special events: corporate evenings, teambuilding trainings, including backpacking events, workshops and conferences, motivational competitions and others.