Complex PR-campaigns


PR-campaign is an elaboration and complex use of PR and advertisement tools under integrated concept of influence on decision making and public (partners, consumer, media representatives, governmental institutions, etc.) attitude in order to form positive image of a Company, its activity in the market and society.

Elaboration and implementation of your PR-campaign is based on well-structured stages:

  • researching PR-activity of your Company
  • defining the goal(s)
  • defining target audience
  • selecting channels to communicate the message
  • developing PR-strategy and methods of implementation
  • special events planning
  • realization of the campaign
  • functional analysis of the campaign

One of the principal goals of our PR-campaign is to draw attention to our Client; therefore, don’t be surprised that media will have a much higher interest in you than ever before.

During the implementation of a PR-campaign we present the following types of reports:

  • periodical (weekly reports and a monthly summary)
  • one-time (meeting report, personnel and contacts of the working group, general report of the work performed)
  • analytical (issued once a month or on a quarterly basis)

Being a Client of Mainstream Communication & Consulting means that you always have a possibility to realign our work on your campaign, if necessary, based on our reports. Moreover, our analytical reports will help you track any changes in the dynamics of the information field, monitor your competitors’ activity and the efficiency of the previous projects.

We realize that time is money, that’s why we guarantee that our work and reports will always meet your deadlines.