Cycle of educational seminars for journalists


Cycle of educational seminars for journalists of the leading business editions of Ukraine was held by ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ from March 23 till April 13, 2007 in the course of PR-support of ‘Millennium Capital’ Investment Company.

 Specialists of ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ carried out a preliminary survey among mass media representatives, having discovered what topics are the most relevant for them, and developed the concept of the event thereafter. Objectives of this project are both to raise expert level of journalists and to discuss the current problems in the financial and investment markets.


Key specialists of ‘Millennium Capital’ were delivering speeches, having fully covered questions on investment activity and assets management.

 The project embraced 4 seminars, namely:

  • General issues of stock market of Ukraine and investment activity’. Speakers: Mikhail Klyuchnikov, the Managing Director of ‘Millennium Capital’, and Alexander Yudin, the Head of Corporate Finance Department.
  • ‘Corporate Finance’. Speaker: Alexander Yudin, the Head of Corporate Finance Department.
  • ‘Trading transactions’. Speakers: Zinaida Svetelik, the Head of Sales Department; Evgeniy Androschuk, the Head of Trading and Sales Department.
  • ‘Investment funds’. Speakers: Alexander Panchenko, the deputy CEO; Nina Kravchenko, main specialist on shared investment.

Participants of the event were journalists and editors of such editions like: ‘Biznes’, ‘Vlast Deneg’, ‘Gazeta po Ukrayinsky’, ‘MediaDim’, ‘Delo’, ‘Delovaya Stolitsa’, ‘Zerkalo Nedeli’, ‘Kommersant’, ‘Kompanion’, ‘Ekonomicheskie Izvestia’, ‘Expert-Ukraina’, ‘Focus’, ‘Kyiv Post’, and representatives of TV-channels:‘UT-1’, ‘5 Kanal’, ‘Inter’ and others.

Seminars were conducted weekly within a month in the office of ‘Millennium Capital’ company. The event was summed up with the final furchete where media representatives had an opportunity to communicate with tops of ‘Millennium Capital’ company in informal atmosphere.

 Eduard Golodnitskiy, correspondent from ‘Vlast Deneg’:

‘I really liked the event. Interesting topics and excellent organization. It was useful to find out more about trading transactions and differences between Russian and international stock exchanges. Such seminars are very important for journalists because they enable to get complete and accurate information ‘at first hand’.


This event was another successful socio-educational project for ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’. Specialists of the company held earlier 4 master-classes in the course of the Contest ‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie’, the master-class from the editor-in-chief of ‘The Financial Times’ and a cycle of educational trainings for JSC ‘Azovstal’ Metallurgical Works’.


‘Millennium Capital’ is a dynamically developing investment company, established in 2000. It provides a wide range of financial services in the sphere of corporate finances, security trading, analytical researches, and is also engaged in market making. Besides, Millennium Capital is a licensed custodian of securities