Contest PRESSZVANIE awards the best journalists and editors of Ukrainian mass media

The 11th Award Ceremony of the contest PRESSZVANIE, during which were announced the names of the best journalists and editors of Ukrainian mass media, took place on 21 May.
By results of the open voting on the Contest’s website, the first places were given to:
  • Viktoriya Rudenko, nomination “Economic policy: finance, investments”;
  • Oleksandr Paskhover, nomination “Agro-industrial complex”;
  • Artem Ilin, nominations “Mining-metallurgical complex” and “Industrial production”;
  • Oksana Pyrizhok, nomination “Consumer markets”;
  • Viktoriya Vlasenko, nomination “Telecommunications and IT”;
  • Yevhen Rohanov, nomination “Transport”;
  • Yevhen Holovatyuk, nomination “Energy sector”;
  • Oleksiy Kovalenko, nomination “Discovery of the year”;
  • Kateryna Shapoval, nomination “Best reportage”;
  • Denys Katsylo, nomination “Best feature”;
  • Dmytro Koshevoy, nomination “Best editor”;
  • Company DTEK, nomination “pressZNANIE”.
“I congratulate warmly the winners and publications where they work. Organisers managed to create an intrigue, and I was glad to watch the sincere emotions on faces of the nominees. Transparency and credibility of PRESSZVANIE make these awards truly valuable. I see it is already too “tight” for the contest within the frameworks of business journalism and I look forward to new nominations next year. The final ceremony is not the only event during the contest. I am grateful to organisers for the bright events throughout the year, for the fact that the Supervisory Board is a “living” body, which discussions allow the contest to change, to respond to new challenges, to remain an outstanding event for its participants,” says Yevhen Zagorulko, representative of the Contest’s Supervisory Board and Head of Public Relations Department of Smart Holding.
In the 11th season, the Contest assessed both professional skills and materials of journalists. While in the nomination “pressZNANIE”, which co-organizer is MMR, journalists assessed press offices of companies and government agencies. The expert partner of the Contest – company PwC Ukraine verified the voting results.
“It’s nice that the organisers listen to opinion of the public regarding the Contest’s format. In particular, the intense debates in the expert environment resulted in return of two profile nominations: “Mining-metallurgical complex” and “Transport”. I hope it will be possible next year to expand PRESSZVANIE’s format and structure so that the Contest be of equal importance for both business and non-business journalists. This is promoted by establishment of new nominations “Best reportage” and “Best feature”. They are a great challenge not only for reporters, but also for the “trade journalists” willing to go beyond the usual format. This is proven by this year’s results,” noted this season’s twice winner Artem Ilin,
Names of all winners and jurymen scores are publicly available on the website of the Contest in section “Results”. Photos are available on PRESSZVANIE’s Facebook-page.
Notes to Editors:
Contest PRESSZVANIE is the annual contest of business journalists, where juries – business leaders and editors of leading business media – evaluate the work of trade journalists and editors through an interactive voting system on the Contest’s website in real time.
Organising Committee of the Contest: company Mainstream Communication & Consulting.