Roman Maltsev, Strategic Communications Director of company Mainstream, conducted training “Crisis Communications” for employees of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Ukraine


On June 9, 2015, training “Crisis Communications” took place in the Center for Professional Advancement for employees of the diplomatic service. The event was held as a part of a specialization advance training course for employees of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the sphere of communications.

During the workshop, diplomats turned attention to the real-world examples of correct and efficiently arranged communications with different target groups.

“Today we faced not just a situational crisis, but a systematic crisis. There is war in the country, regardless of whether we want it or not, it affects all spheres: political, economic and socio-cultural. How to act in this situation? What steps should be taken? Why don’t old tools work and what are the new ones? We addressed these and other important issues during the workshop. Unfortunately, the state bodies place one of the lowest values to communications matters. I will add it was pleasant to see interest to this topic and even more important – involvement of the audience in the discussion,” Roman Maltsev, Strategic Communications Director of company Mainstream.