Mainstream organized a press conference presenting a series of books “Hunting for the Truth”


On December 18, 2014, the UNIAN news agency hosted a press conference dedicated to the presentation of Natalia Semenchenko’s books from the series «Hunting for the Truth»: «Independence», «Revolution» and «Corruption», organized by Mainstream Communication & Consulting.

The books cover the most important points of Ukrainian statehood: from the history of the nation formation, its language and culture, on to the today’s geopolitical position. The author tells about ways of manipulating people’s consciousness, starting from school textbooks; about propaganda, methods of information warfare, methodology of mass protests organization and civil conflicts fomenting. The books reveal the essence of corruption and ways of counteracting it; examine the full methodology of the system structure, including its basis — bureaucracy and as a result — formation of an oligarchic stratum of society.

14 journalists from 10 publications, as well as 3 representatives of Ukrainian TV attended the press conference.

«I am convinced these books are not the last ones in this series and there are more to come... I would really like to write a book when peace comes to our country; to reveal certain details about the process and to tell the story of how it happened, but first of all, about how heroically we’ve managed to survive through all of this ,» Natalia Semenchenko shared.