Valentyn Korolko took part in the roundtable meeting “Institutional provision of state communication policy”


On May 15, 2014, Kyiv hosted a roundtable "Institutional provision of state communication policy" organized by The National Institute for Strategic Research.Honorary President of the company Valentyn Hryhorovych Korolko covered the topic: "Models of political regimes relations with the public: Ukrainian reality".

"Ukraine must take as a core for its model of public relations the understanding that strengthening of authority reputation depends, in the first place, on confidence of the public in legitimacy of activity of both the state in general and every government institution in particular," Valentyn Hryhorovych noted. Among participants of the event were representatives of profile government agencies, members of parliament of Ukraine, representatives of embassies of European countries, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions. 

Among participants of the event were representatives of profile government agencies, members of parliament of Ukraine, representatives of embassies of European countries, non-governmental organizations and scientific institutions. The two key topics were offered for discussion: 

The two key topics were offered for discussion:

  •  System of communication divisions of government agencies at the central level: experience of European states;
  • Challenges and opportunities for institutional provision of state communication policy.