Valentyn Korolko spoke at the XIIth PR Festival Ukraine


Our honorary president Valentyn Grygorovych Korolko spoke at the XIIth PR festival that took place on April, 10-11 in Kiev. The main theme of his speech was the national idea for Ukraine.

"National idea is a journey of the people becoming a nation. It affects the motives and acts of every person. Ukrainian national idea is the development of a quality national product that can share the Ukrainian vision with the world. Therefore, we have to be above the differences, prejudice and fears from the past. American system based on solidarity and responsibility for the country and its citizens has to be an example for developing Ukrainian nation", stated Korolko.

The two main vectors of PR Festival 2014 were business and politics. Along with speakers and opinion leaders participants were looking for optimal solutions for business and the most reliable communication mechanisms for a period of social and political crisis.