Traveling with PRESSzvanie

The trip was a well-deserved reward for Irina for her victory in ‘Consumer Markets’ nomination of the ‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie 2006’ Contest. As it was mentioned earlier, at the final award ceremony, which took place in March 2007, the corporate relations manager of ‘Nestle Ukraine’ Gennadiy Radchenko had promised trips to the headquarters of ‘Nestle’ in Switzerland for the 1st and 2nd winners in the nomination. However, the trips did not take place within the stated period. Therefore the organizing committee had made a decision to finance the tours to Switzerland for all winners of the nomination.

Irina Chernyavskaya is considered one of the most talented journalists of our country. At present she is the editor of ‘Companies and Markets’ department and a reporter in ‘InvestGazeta’, where she writes analytical materials for the columns ‘Technologies’, ‘Tourism’, and also prepares special issue on Hi-Tech. Moreover, Irina also covers food, alcoholic, beer and alcohol-free beverages, and tobacco markets, as she believes that it is important to be a specialist in different areas. Since Irina enjoys traveling, studying the world culture and learning about other countries’ traditions, a tour to Switzerland from ‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie’ Contest was the right kind of a reward for her.

The tour called ‘The first date with Switzerland’ turned out to be a fascinating trip with lots of discoveries for Irina. The route was planned in such a way that she got to visit nine marvelous and absolutely different cities in just seven days, got acquainted with cultural sights, established lifestyle and traditions of the country, being famous for luxury and abundant riches in the whole world. Now all these positive emotions after the trip are associated with ‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie’ Contest.

‘It was my first trip to Switzerland! But I had always dreamed to visit the country of watches, chocolate and the most reliable banks. I was impressed with astonishing landscapes and the soft alpine climate. Just imagine the beauty of snow-white mountains, mirror-like lakes with ducks and swans that you can feed from your hands, green grass with unusual flowers. The locals lead a very quite life; they are never in a hurry. I’ve realized that the country was the perfect place for living. And you don’t need to hurry anywhere; everything is very accurate like in Swiss banks. I really enjoyed everything! Many thanks to the organizing committee of ‘PRESSzvanie’ Contest’, said Irina Chernyavskaya about her trip.

‘Prize of Business Circles ‘PRESSzvanie’ contest has been held in Ukraine since 2005. Participants of the Contest consist of business journalists from the key business press, Internet editions, news agencies and TV-channels of Ukraine. Winners are chosen by means of independent and absolutely transparent on-line voting of the Jury on the web-site of the Contest ‘Mainstream Communication & Consulting’ has the sole right to hold the Contest in Ukraine